How to Navigate the Party

Enjoy this time together.

Diving into the depths of this experience is meant to be expansive, and fun. 


How does one seek the truth? 

Right now you have entered a space of joining together in celebration to uncover the truth with friends and family. 


Truth-seeking is a process. 

You are not alone. Traverse this existence together with those you hold near and dear to your heart, keep an open mind and heart, and continue to learn and grow. 

What is a Red Pill Party? 


Remember Neo from the movie the Matrix? He was given a choice: take the blue pill to remain in a comfortable world of ignorant bliss, or take the red pill to wake up to the true nature of reality. Every day, you are given a choice. 

Will you be an active participant in your waking life, or will you remain complacent and detached? 

Red Pill Parties are community driven gatherings, bringing fourth the uncensored truth, encouraging discussion and empowering individuals to share with others in a safe space.  

Interested In Hosting?

If you would like to facilitate your own Red Pill Party, please Contact Us to get you started. Each host will receive an Above Majestic DVD, a bonus feature selection with exclusive interviews with the cast, follow up questions to discuss with your group, full disclosure literature and more!