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 David Lonebear Sanipass is a Mi’kmaq Native American, scientist, engineer, mathematician, and basket maker. He is a Star Teachings archivist and trained for 27 years on the side of a mountain being taught by over 600 elders. He was asked to share these teachings, history and technology with the non-natives for the first time in history.

His elders told David that the teachings and technology were for all people and could not be owned by one person. They taught him a way to build community to share the teachings and bring the technology forward to improve their lives. He believes all technology is to be given freely to all communities of the world and cannot have foreign ownership. The technologies are governed by a spiritual council. The technologies are created using the information given to David from the ancient copper scrolls. David has successfully put over 47 balloons into the atmosphere reaching heights up to 300,000 feet. These balloons were equipped with cameras and technology so they can measure the magnetic field of the planet, receive signals, and gather useful information. Additionally, he has engineered an electric bike that went 40 miles an hour, a magic mirror creates a measurable magnetic field that helps bring you into harmony and alignment with the earths energy, and several other advanced and harmonious technologies. 

Video: Interview with Indigenous Elder